IM CollectionsSuite, an automated, omnichannel platform for debt recovery


IM CollectionsSuite: Automated Customer Debt Recovery

IM CollectionsSuite is an automated, omnichannel platform designed for debt recovery, which manages the entire customer debt recovery process: communicating the debt, self-managed recovery of early debt and assisted recovery of late debt. It is a flexible solution, which can be easily integrated and extensively customised, which enables companies to increase their recovery rates, while reducing technological and operating costs.

A Digital Debt Recovery Agency

IM CollectionsSuite in six steps.

Our customers themselves may:

1. Structure their payment channels, adapting them to their corporate image and choose the payment methods.
2. Connect IM CollectionsSuite to their accounting and customer management systems; choose the data and tailor the system to their needs.
3. Personalise the IM CollectionsSuite communication templates and include a payment/IVR-telephone-line link.
4.Programme and automate all the messages, as well as their frequency and channel.
5. Receive all the payments with their bill number or debt reference-code number, which are automatically included and reconciled in their system.
6. Configure their own scorecard.

Advantages and Benefits

» Increase in collection rate.
» Reduction in the average recovery period.
» Reduction in IT and operating costs.
» Omnichannel system.
» Minimal Time to Market.
» Collection transactions 24/7.
» Easily configured.
» Easily adaptable to corporate image.
» Multiple templates for communications.
» Simple integration with internal systems and agencies.
» Variable model according to success.
» Maximum security [PCI DSS Level 1].
» Scalability and continuous evolution.

Added value services

» Agencies module included.
»1 Click payments and recurring payments.
» Configuration | Management of payment plans.
» Communication hub.

» Product data sheet in PDF format.
» Please ask us for more information and a trial of IM CollectionsSuite.

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